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    High end products, mid priceTYPE C male,USB male,high quality suppliers

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    Quality product supplierFactory direct marketing
    ISO quality management system,Guang Jiayuan to high-end products Material cost controlHigh quality and reasonable pricePrice exceeds price
    Only good productsProfessional management ability to win

    Safe:Production certification at all levels
    IEC/EN62471 optical bio safety certification.

    Research :Guang Jiayuan accumulated decades of experience in R。

    QA:From raw materials to production to packaging shipments

    Service:Guang Jiayuan and strive to achieve beyond the customers want

    Full service system
    Provide you with professional technical advice and guidanceThe products sold are individually packed in separate cases The products sold are individually packed in separate casesProtective services: return goods in a timely manner

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    Guang Jiayuan electronic products and long service life

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    Guang Jiayuan product quality is excellent

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    Guang Jiayuan technology humanized service especially close...

    Guang Jiayuan the safety and reliability of products.

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    About us

    About us

    Shenzhen Guang Jiayuan Technology Co., the company's main products: TYPE series USB 2 C male and female, male and female, male and female 3 series USB series, Micro series, 2 male and female 3 male and female Micro series, Mini USB series, the products are widely used in all kinds of electronic appliances, charger, adapter, mobile power supply, computer peripherals etc. a variety of consumer electronics industry.The company has the industry of senior engineering and technical staff, can provide comprehensive and comprehensive technical support for customers, including: 5; product development engineer, design engineer hardware mold: 5; plastic mold development engineer: 5, automaton Development Engineer: 3.To start Chinese first-class enterprise as the goal, adhere to the "strive for innovation, scientific management, the original managemen…...



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    Can plug hotThis lets the user pick equipment in use, type-C manufacturers, type-C providers do not ...

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